Whats testerone

hi rob. ive been reading the reviews and am still undecided on which way i would like to go. im 27, around , slim and fairly tonned. my work is medium to high physically intensive(i dig holes and lay power cable). workouts are few and far between, mainly consisting of push up, crunches and sit-ups to tone mid region. i have a long term relationship with a wonderful women but when i finish work i would rather kick back on the couch with a few beers an watch the idiot box, then satisfy her. im hoping for a moderate tone up and rather large kick up the ass for my sex drive. Any information on either would be greatly appreciated

After reading all your comments and replies I’d just like to add some things. I am currently 69. In my early 40’s I started using natural progesterone cream to balance my estrogen and felt fantastic for many years. If I remember correctly it was Pro-Gest. It helped me lose weight. It helped my periods, lifted my mood to a calm and happy state and supported my libido. Perimenopause lasted 10 years from age 43 (first skipped period) to the last period at 53. I had a year of hot flashes and some palpitations and then they eased off and stopped. After menopause though, I could no longer use progesterone as it made me moody, weepy and depressed, tired, where it used to make me feel very energetic. At 55 I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid and put on natural thyroid, Armour and compounded bio-identical hormone cream, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Felt great for about 6 years and eventually went off the BHRT and just took thyroid. It became hard to get the right dose of thyroid med and it was changed several times and I still didn’t feel great anymore. I am pro-natural everything and it takes a lot of research to figure things out. I had heart complications from the thyroid med and eventually weaned myself off of it and began a total healing program. After 13 months my thyroid is working on its own with the help of a clean diet (no processed foods, low sugar, no grain). I take NO medications and my bloodwork is fine. The only thing I take daily is a dose of liquid nascent iodine in water first thing and then eat a quality high protein, lots of vegetables, etc. I am healthy, energetic, now sleep through the night and feel reborn. My research has paid off and I know feeling great is possible. Please consider that medication or hormones alone can’t do their job unless you clean up your diet. They work hand in hand.

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I have been suffering from acne since 3 years get major breakouts a few days before my periods(along the jawline,chin and cheeks). Redness and a zit here and there always stay throughout the month. I’m vegan and have a sound,hygienic eating and living habits, so i’m guessing its my hormones messing up. Before booking an appointment I think i need to get these hormones tested. Could you please suggest how many test reports over a period of a month would suffice to give a clear picture of how my hormones are working.

Whats testerone

whats testerone


whats testeronewhats testeronewhats testeronewhats testerone