Testosteron patch

I’ll try to be short. I’m 23, chronic insomniac for 4 hours. Induced by stress: severe sleep deprivation, regular all-nighters during college and six months of CrossFit with a strict Paleo diet. But before this I always had a problem of oily skin and excess hair growth. 3 years into the insomnia, acne appeared. The doctor tested only total testosterone which was high. Saliva test showed DHEA depleted, cortisol low all day, high at night. (Fasting insulin a few months before this was less than 3!) Hair growth briefly increased but now is back to my “normal.” Now, a year later, testosterone is normal high, DHEA (blood test) very high – 464. Very oily T-zone, same acne as a year ago. I ALWAYS have regular periods (praise God!). Never used BC.

Testosteron patch

testosteron patch


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