Signs a man has low testosterone

This Stunning Mk 9 Spitfire Flying Above Returns To This Exact Spot Every Summer. I Find This Very Moving As I Was Born Within The  Small  Radius Of This Flying Display In A Sleepy Sussex Village.  My Parents Loved The Spitfire With A Passion As They Both Served In The Military Back In WW2.  What Touches Me Most Is The Fact That This Spitfire Is Flying Right Above The Parish Church  Cemetery   Where They Are Now  Buried.     So I Really Do View This As The  Ultimate Act Of Respect To Their Memory Even Allowing For The Fact That This Is Just Down To A Remarkable Coincidence.   Well They Do Say That Many True & Wonderful Things Do Really Happen & That We Spend Most Of Our Lives In Hope Of Them !  

I was with a man like this for over . I loved him terribly but he could never show his feelings. Everytime I would start to walk he would show just enough affection to give me hope and change my mind. Just ended again and can’t do it again. I feel so sorry for him because underneath it all I think there is a loving,caring man but as he is he will always be alone 🙁
No woman will deal with lack of affection and temper tantrums at 54yrs old. Wish I could have broken through the wall and seen it but hurts way to bad to be the only one trying and the other one cares a less unless it suits him.

Hello ive been in a relationship for 6 years with my man and we have a 4 year old, he has always like to have annal sex with me even tho i only do it once in a while but a couple of months ago we smoked weed together and i did some sexual activities i have never done before like suck his cock and pinger him in his ass, he was liking it then he ask me to lick his ass and i did, since then i feel like he just wants for me to please him and he dont do anything to please me, he wants me to lick his ass, balls and suck his cock, also he just wants to do me in the ass more than my virgina he said him self that it feels better in the ass, since then ive been a lil confuse and wondering if he might turn gay.

Signs a man has low testosterone

signs a man has low testosterone


signs a man has low testosteronesigns a man has low testosteronesigns a man has low testosteronesigns a man has low testosteronesigns a man has low testosterone