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We didn’t see many reviews for Allura. But, this is because the serum is still pretty new to the skincare market. The reviews we did find spoke volumes about how amazing this product is. Most reviews mentioned seeing an improvement in the way their skin looked within just a few days. Some even noticed a lifting and firming affect within the first week. Others mentioned experiencing more hydration and moisture in their skin, giving it some extra plump. Many claimed they looked 5 years younger in just a month. The creators recommend that you use this product for at least 90 days to see the best results. And the manufacturers are offering an exclusive trial for new customers. Keep reading below to find out more!

I have been using regenerating serum for several years. Over the last few months, it is obvious they have changed the formula. Used to be able to squirt some on my hand and hold it there for several minutes, now it liquifies and turns into water within a matter of seconds. Not the same formula at all, but the same price. Definitely does not work like it used to. I have been suffering from dermatitis since I was a small child. Olay regenerating serum used to be the only thing that worked. This no longer does anything for me, so I know they have changed the formula, and not for the better.

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