Safest way to take testosterone

Many teens drive to school or ride along with a sibling or peer who does. This is by far the riskiest way to get to school. Teens driving other teens account for 55 percent of school travel-related deaths and 51 percent of injuries, according to figures from the National Research Council. Agran is blunt about teens driving teens: “This is the least safe option, and it is important for parents to put strong restrictions in place,” she says. At least, parents should take care to decide how appropriate this is for each adolescent, mindful of the risks involved with teen drivers.

Bluefin tuna has recently been making headlines as researchers discovered higher levels of radiation in fish caught off the coast of San Diego. The radiation comes from the nuclear damage that occurred in Japan after their magnitude-9 earthquake in March 2011. The mighty tuna had migrated some 6,000 miles across the Pacific to end up along the United States coastline. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) explains the radioactivity levels are not high enough to constitute a public health concern, it is certainly raising some eyebrows around the country and leaving people wondering if there are safer alternatives for acquiring omega-3.

Safest way to take testosterone

safest way to take testosterone


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