Omegon eq 300

The mount Omegon Advanced EQ-300 - sturdy equatorial mount for up to 6kg A stable equatorial mount is the basis for any successful astronomical observing. The Omegon EQ-300 mount has a load-bearing capacity of up to 6kg, letting you choose from many different OTAs. Perhaps you have a 150mm Newtonian telescope and also want to use your 5" refractor? The EQ-300 lets you mount anything in the small to medium-sized range of telescopes. Equatorial design - easy to follow the stars This mount is an equatorial design. Once aligned, the mount can track stars, planets and other astronomical objects by rotating on a single axis. The advantage is that you only have to track the telescope using that one axis, making it easier to hold objects in the field of view. So you will have hours of relaxed observing and perhaps even be able to get your entire family interested in your hobby. Precision location of the celestial pole As with larger mounts, the two azimuth screws and two polar elevation screws ensure quick and easy alignment on the Pole Star - letting you get on with an exciting night's observing. Preparation for a polar finder scope If you are interested in astrophotography, then why not equip your mount with an advanced polar finder scope. This lets you increase the mount's precision and takes your astrophotography to the next level. Long exposures (motor recommended) then become possible. Steel tripod for more stability This stainless steel tripod provides a much more stable base for the telescope mount compared to models made from aluminium. It is exactly this steadiness that the quality of your observing ultimately depends on. The three steel legs are additionally reinforced by a metal plate giving you a tripod that will not wobble during your observing. The metal plate also has holes provided for holding your eyepieces during your observing sessions. The advantages in a nutshell:

Omegon RA motor for EQ- 300 mount - tracks objects automatically The Omegon motor set equips your EQ-300 mount with electrically powered tracking. Gone are the days when you had to continually make fine manual adjustments. Simply turn on the motor and your favourite astronomical object will remain in the centre of the field of view of your eyepiece. A motor for the tracking axis This motor drives the main axis (right ascension) on your mount. This is the axis which is responsible for compensating for the Earth's rotation. Manual adjustment of objects is hence no longer required. Simply enjoy your observing! - you don't need to do anything but concern yourself with the observing itself. Once you have set an object in the telescope's field of view, the motor will immediately start tracking it. Everything under control - the hand box There are motors available which, once turned on, mean you subsequently have no more control of the telescope. But the Omegon EQ-300 motor set includes a control box which does allow you to keep control. This large black box is easy to use - even when wearing gloves. Two control buttons let you adjust the position of the object in the field of view - especially useful when observing extended objects that extend beyond the eyepiece's field of view. According to the eyepiece and magnification used, you can select a 2X correction speed or a 32X correction speed for more rapid slewing. Show your visitors the stars The time has now come where you can also show your family the stars - and without the object always drifting out of the field of view of the eyepiece and your visitors saying "Where, I can't see anything!" - your tracking mot

This telescope is a complete instrument - with optics, mount, tripod and basic accessories. This is everything you need for getting started. If you do not want a ready-to-use telescope set, then put together a telescope yourself, according to your own requirements at Configurator . Omegon Maksutov - excellent contrast for observing the Moon and planets This Maksutov telescope is an 'expert telescope' for lunar and planetary observing. This telescope design boasts excellent contrast with a sharp image. This telescope can show you masses of detail in lunar craters or in the cloud bands and features of the planets. The advantages in a nutshell

Omegon eq 300

omegon eq 300


omegon eq 300omegon eq 300omegon eq 300omegon eq 300omegon eq 300