Nandrolone for trt

Yes testosterone in higher doses is also a bodybuilding staple. Often these doses are 4x that of TRT weekly. TRT is meant to mimic a man's natural to natural high level of Test. Your are likely having tendon pain because of the TRT which will subside if you go easy. Your main muscle groups will react very positively to the exogenous Test. You will get stronger quickly with a good work out regiment. However, your connective tissues cannot keep up. They do not get stronger as fast. Therefore if you overexert yourself too quickly on TRT you can cause injury. Take it slow and easy at the gym/sports until your connective tissues catch up to your new strength/stamina.

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Nandrolone for trt

nandrolone for trt


nandrolone for trtnandrolone for trtnandrolone for trtnandrolone for trtnandrolone for trt