Nandrolone esters

As a result of the nandrolone decanoate benefits, the company released “Deca Durabolin” in 1962 to the prescription market, and nandrolone finally reached the public sector. It was at this time that the bodybuilding community first started to experiment with it at large (it had already made its way into this sector with the initial release of NPP, but the decanoate ester lead to its widespread integration), and they particularly appreciated its low risk of side effects in conjunction with its ability to protect lean mass levels to an excellent degree.

Prior to the release of decanoate, the phenylpropionate ester had been a key focus for Organons marketing efforts and was cited as being one of their “flagship” products. Its production started to diminish upon the release of the latter ester however, and it ultimately took a backseat in light of the availability of this seemingly more “appropriate” compound.

Some of the worst Nandrolone Decanoate side effects occur post-cycle in men who do not properly plan or execute PCT. Deca will suppress testosterone production, and unless you actively do something after your cycle, that production may remain suppressed for months or even years. Treatment with SERMs like Nolvadex or Clomid is needed. Otherwise, your hormone balance may allow for estrogenic side effects to occur despite using AIs on cycle. You may also notice symptoms of low testosterone, including fatigue and even testicular atrophy with time. PCT is vital with Nandrolone.

Nandrolone esters

nandrolone esters


nandrolone estersnandrolone estersnandrolone estersnandrolone estersnandrolone esters