Nandrolone decanoate cas

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The initial color in vial A is red brown, vial B orange brown for GSO oil and lighter for MCT oil. You can see difference for example between trenbolone where it is bright green. There are two different test agents in each vial, which will react in different way to different chemicals. Any discoloration in vial A or B will also indicate presence of contamination. This is why you need both test vials to confirm presence of steroids and their quality. Some steroids will give different initial color in vial A. This is how you can distinguish them. Nandrolone decanoate (oil based) under UV is mat green for GSO and Arachis oil but lighter green for MCT oil. See the color coding for NPP there is huge difference and there is no doubt if you have deca or NPP.

Nandrolone decanoate cas

nandrolone decanoate cas


nandrolone decanoate casnandrolone decanoate casnandrolone decanoate casnandrolone decanoate casnandrolone decanoate cas