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¹⁴ In spite of the USA’s deadline to withdraw military forces from there by the end of 2011, she still maintains a powerful training, advisory, support, and mercenary presence in Iraq. Also, the USA obviously intends to maintain controlling influence in that part of the world, because she still operates the fantastic, sprawling . embassy in Iraq - the largest in the world, employing 15,000 people - located just 50 miles from the site of the ancient city of Babylon! Ironic, isn’t it?
¹⁵ Please do not misunderstand me . . I am not advocating passivism! Yahushua was not a pacifist. He rebuked in no uncertain terms those religious leaders who perverted the Torah (instructions and commandments) of the Lord to suit their own ends, calling them "hypocrites," "serpents," and "white-washed tombs full of dead men's bones." He violently drove the greedy money-changers who were ripping people off out of the Temple. He did not rebuke Peter, who cut the ear off one who came to arrest Him, because he was carrying a sword or defending his Master; He rebuked Him because he was rebelling against those in authority. In fact, Yahushua told His disciples that, after He was gone, to buy swords (for self-defense, which they didn't need while He was with them). So, I am not negating the importance of self defense, defending others, or even serving in the military to defend our country or others against evil people (if our motives are pure). What Yahuah's Word condemns is rebelling against those who already have authority over us rather than patiently trusting and waiting for the Him to rectify injustices, and imposing our will on others for the purpose of personal gain (which simple observation with the patriotic blinders off reveals the USA is doing more and more all over the world).

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