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I’m really hoping you can help me. I’ve been in pretty bad pain now for over 12 hours. It started inbetween my rib cages felt like a knife was jabbing me in the stomach after I ate dinner last night. I originally thought it was from the marinara sauce so I took tums and then zantac, tried drinking milk and gingerale but it only got worse. After a couple of hours the pain has moved under my lower right rib cage and nothing I do is working. I’ve been laying with a heating pad all night and it helps slightly but not enough. Although it feels a bit better when I lay on my stomach with the heating pad under me when I move from that position the pain gets worse. Please help! Thank you!

I was adjusted by a chiropractor 8 years ago. He adjusted my pelvis, the last time he did it, there was a loud pop and I was not able to walk for 4 months because a disc severely herniated. I have been having back pain since then. I went to a doctor a while ago only to find out I know have adult onset scoliosis, my pelvis is tilted, one hip higher than the other, left shoulder higher than the other, causing serious pain. I have been getting depressed and trying to figure out what kind of doctor or physical therapist can help fix the problem. It was the first time having my hips adjusted and I’m thinking that is all the cause of the problems that have started. Any info would be great. Thank you

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