Hcg for testosterone therapy

NOTE:   One interesting fact about erythropoitin is that it is also called EPO, a name that may be more familiar to some of you.  Yes, that should bring the name Lance Armstrong to mind.  Lance Armstrong confessed to using EPO as a performance enhancing drug strictly for the purpose of raising his red blood cell counts for racing purposes.  Basically, he was doing a different and very dangerous kind of steroid.  Giving EPO to these racers leaves them vulnerable to dieing in their  sleep from the "sludging" of the blood that occurs.  It does turn them into superhumans however.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have been enjoying and learning from your site for quite a while and my husband and I are now battling his colon cancer. God has been preparing the way!! He has been very receptive of my knowledge and this post I think is the final touch to see where we are going with this. We did the AMAS test but are very confused by the numbers and explanations. I think we are going to try to start tracking it with the Navarro test. I, too, am hesitant to follow up with more CT scans and MRIs. I feel like we are on the right track judging by his weight gain and how he is feeling (very different from everyone we know going through ‘traditional’ treatments!) Thank you for this clear post. It is extremely helpful. God bless you!

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Hcg for testosterone therapy

hcg for testosterone therapy


hcg for testosterone therapyhcg for testosterone therapyhcg for testosterone therapyhcg for testosterone therapyhcg for testosterone therapy