Gnc test boosters

Rob I really appreciate your advice, but #1 what do u think about legal steroids on the market. #2 how do you feel about the new supplements that everyone talking about which packs on lean muscle rapidly within 4-6 week span. Rock the celebrity supposedly takes it an has grown huge. And it’s taking the gyms by storm bc these guys look like beast (extremely good). Research both ripped muscle X and Jacked muscle ….something both use together. Pls let me know the pros and cons for both. #3 will it also cause drug test failure at work bc I’m trying to stay legit?

I’m 6′ tall 285 lbs. Was very athletic when in my 20’s and 30’s. Im now 45 this last July an I’ve now wanted to get back in shape. I wanna lose about 45lbs to start. I’ve felt myself slip into sluggish mode. No energy, no drive, I work my but off at work which is somewhat the reason I’m exhausted, but I won’t use that as an excuse. I was a great athlete back in school an now very upset with myself just letting myself go. A nasty divorce an depression didn’t help either. Been reading alot lately about kissing weight an with my age an maybe low testosterone was looking for a couple supplements to wake my ads up an get moving. My goal is 45lbs in 4 months. Please help.

Gnc test boosters

gnc test boosters


gnc test boostersgnc test boostersgnc test boostersgnc test boostersgnc test boosters