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So pain is the result of false perceptions. That is massive. Right? That is massive. So if you get a relationship wrong in your life…or you have got a wrong job, You have mis-perceived who your boss was or your friend you have mis-perceived who they are you have mis-perceived yourself who you yourself are…you will generate pain and drama and theater in your own life which won’t be very pleasant. So it is as if Divinity, which I firmly have experience of personally. This Divine intelligence that permeates this world.”

So do you take any responsibility for this death? Because you should! You know what’s not told to us mothers by health professionals and lactation consultants? We aren’t told how to eliminate the rare risk of contamination. It’s pretty simple too. Boil water, cool to 160 F and then mix. But no we’re only told to fucking breastfeed. But some of us can’t or don’t want to but we’re​n not supported. I went home without anyone even acknowledging I didn’t make enough. I was only allowed to supplement because of low blood sugar. No lactation consultant was there to help me minimize formula feeding risks, just there to teach me the football hold.

Beeswax are not that hard to find really. Next time you go to a farmers market, ask the honey seller there. Even if she doesn’t have it on display I bet she has some she could sell you. If you don’t have easy access to a farmers market this winter, call up a local honey producer in your area. Or you could always order it online. One of my local producers Marshall Farms up in Napa sells their beeswax online. In the New York metro area, Andrew’s Local Honey sells food-grade beeswax at a number of farmers market. (Unfortunately he doesn’t ship. If you East Coasters have a good source that ships, I’ll be happy to list them here, just leave the info in the comment section. Thanks.) Also, Tremblay Apiaries, who sell at the Union Square Green Market on Fridays and Saturdays, and also offer it online.

Equipoise results pics

equipoise results pics


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