Equipoise mtg

Why suggest this? Well... it fits the theme almost perfectly. You run the low count of 11 artifacts, 4 creatures, and no ramping spells to be superior in land count (plus you got all them bounce lands). The only permanents it excludes is the ones you run most of. Also, I believe that due to you choosing what phases out, you could i n - T h e o r y exile everything you don't own that your opponent controls to gain maximum synergy with Zedruu the Greathearted . And before I forget, let's say you may end up needing a land/creature/artifact that you lent your opponent, you can phase it out to get it back on your opponent's next untap phase. The ultimate control card for this type of deck if you ask me. But you didn't... so... I'm just going to stop rambling.

Equipoise mtg

equipoise mtg


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