Eq solo cycle

37 6'2 220lbs. Several years of experience. Ive ran test prop, test e, sust, npp, deca, tren a, mast p, dbol, and var. Looking to run a 16 week bulk. Just like to make some solid gains. I know being a taller person my whole life diet will be key. Gotta pound the calories ( hard gainer )!!! Here's what I have on hand Dbol, Test prop, Test E, NPP, EQ, Caber, Adex, HCG. Im just a bigger fan of shorter esters and don't mind pinning EOD, BUT wouldnt mind giving my body a break as a pin cousin. Ive have very little sides with 19 nor's where Ive ever had to use caber. Ive ran several NPP/Test p and Tren A/Test P cycles and never a prolactin or ed problem. The only time I had a dick issue was a deca/ test e cycle. Ive ran npp and test p 50/50 and never a problem. Never ran EQ so trying to figure out best mix of how to throw it in there. Do I run it with npp or just use npp as a kicker? I see a lot of eq deca cycles but I dont like deca. Ive never ran short esters to kick or taper long esters. Ill skip the chart and put em up here. Ill cruse on test e after cycle.

Eq solo cycle

eq solo cycle


eq solo cycleeq solo cycleeq solo cycleeq solo cycleeq solo cycle