Eq paladin only weapons

Evolving items grow stronger as they are equipped and the player gains experience. Most items grow stronger from killing any monster that grants experience, but some items only grow as the player gains experience from killing certain monsters. Evolving items have "levels", for example 3, and will start at level 0/3 upon being looted. Each level gained can increase statistics, weapon damage, add procs, or change its appearance. When you have an evolving item equipped, you can follow its progress in your character window, on the Evolution tab. The progress is saved on the item itself, and will carry on if the item is traded to another character.

Remember, these are the recommendations from one Tarudin's experience, and you will need to find what works for you. Some flexibility is important, so do your gobbie bag quests and bring a variety of gear for different situations. Keep in mind, just because a piece of gear is higher level doesn't mean it's better. My preferences for stats were always VIT > DEF > AGI > HP . Tarutaru have good natural agility, but the more you have, the more you will shield block and parry, which means less damage done to you. Follow the above recommendations, but keep in mind the following Taru-only items, and the ones that benefit Tarutaru more than other races.

Eq paladin only weapons

eq paladin only weapons


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