Eq cutting stack

Number Type Example ____________________________________________________________________ Extended Real Number Long Real Extended Complex Number Long Complex Linked Array Linked Array Character Object Character Code Object Code Library Data Library Data External Object External Integer 3423142 External Object External External Object External ____________________________________________________________________ Function TYPE This function, available in the PRG/TYPE () sub-menu, or through the command catalog, is used to determine the type of an object.

EQ7 – What can I say but ‘WOW’. There are so many wonderful new features such as the new image worktable which opens up unlimited possibilities for creativity, the neat swath tool and the new features in Serendipity just to mention a few. There are so many great features and tools to help create unique quilting projects. With the easy to use help menu and the dynamic help this program can easily be used by beginners and experienced EQers alike. The new activation function is perfect I now can use EQ on whatever computer I choose. This is a magnificent quilting program and the support from the EQ staff is fantastic. EQ7 is my new very best friend. Let the creativity begin.

Eq cutting stack

eq cutting stack


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