Eq 8 series 300

Equalizers work by running an audio signal through a series of filters which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the volume of a particular frequency. Equalizers (commonly referred to as "EQ") can be used to fine-tune the sound of a particular instrument when being recorded or may be used on a full mix to add more presence to a mix or remove some of the upper mid-range frequencies which might have a tendency to sound harsh or "nasal". An equalizer may also be used to remove the inaudible frequencies in the 20 to 40 Hz range from being amplified. Musician's Friend has over 70 equalizers to choose from including Behringer Equalizers and dbx Equalizers. As with everything we sell, all our equalizers are supported by our price & satisfaction guarantees and free standard shipping applies to all orders except heavy items.

Finally, the Rosette features a comprehensive, studio-quality DIRECT OUTPUT Section. Channel 1 & 2 have dedicated XLR Outputs with PRE/POST EQ, MIC or LINE LEVEL and GROUND or PIN 1 LIFT switches. Additionally, a third XLR Jack, with Ground or Pin 1 Lift Switch, delivers a properly summed output of both channels preset to POST EQ & POST FX and switchable between MIC & LINE level. Beyond its thorough features and thoughtful layout, it’s the great TONE and exceptional low noise of Rosette’s DI Outputs that sets it apart from the competition. For live and recording, Monitor, Front of House and Recording engineers will thank you when they hear the clean, quiet and accurate signal the Rosette DI delivers. This comprehensive, Toneful DI is nearly worth the price of admission alone, especially as the signal that feeds your acoustic voice to live venues and recording applications with something as important as your music.

Eq 8 series 300

eq 8 series 300


eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300