Doctors who treat low testosterone

Sorry you’ve had such bad experiences with doctors. I’ve had some really awful ones also (both incompetence and ethics issues). However, I have to say that there’s at least one really good rheumatologist out there – best doctor I’ve ever met. I wasn’t even his patient; I was interviewed by him for a PhD program in immunology. I was desperately trying not to show any signs of ill-health since no one wants a sick grad student. He noticed the petechiae on my forearms (I tend to get worse when under stress). At the end of the interview came the ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ question, I asked him why he chose rheumatology. His answer: ‘It’s the most challenging of the non-surgical specialties’.

As a man, aging can be complicated. Things that used to work whenever we needed them to, no longer work on command. When it comes to your sexual health, it can be embarrassing to talk to your doctor about the problems that you are testosterone levels drop and this leads to many complications: including lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Most of the time these conditions have a solution, but a lot of men feel uncomfortable talking about this with a medical professional, and/or their partner. You want to go to a place that you feel secure and respected but also have the experience to get you the help that you need so that you can perform in the bedroom. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we specialize in men’s health and want to help you improve your sex life as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have two locations to help men from all over the Oklahoma area get back the sex life that they used to have.

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Also tell your doctor about any sex-related pain, such as pain in the penis when it's erect due to Peyronie's disease , or pain in the vulva or vagina that's caused or exacerbated by penetration. Physical pain can morph into psychological avoidance, says Marjorie Green, MD, director of the Mount Auburn Female Sexual Medicine Center in Cambridge, Mass., and a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School. As Dr. Green puts it, "If every time you put your finger out, I hit it with a hammer, what would you stop doing?"

Doctors who treat low testosterone

doctors who treat low testosterone


doctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosterone