Decanted oil

I’m from the UK and Damson Jam is VERY popular here.  Mainly grown in Hereford/Worcestershire along with plums, pears and apples.  There are huge damson/plum festivals at harvest time.  We regularly B&B at a farm in Worecestershire that has a small damson orchard and we are regularly sent home with huge boxes of damsons.  Skimming off the very small stones is a pain-in-the-butt exercise but so worth it to see the jars in the cupboard afterwards.  They also make the BEST crumbles, slumps and pies imaginable – if anyone in the US ever sees them in the supermarket/farmers market snap them up – you will not be disappointed.  Also look on  the web for a damson crumble recipe from British chef Nigel Slater – sublime!

Another example of decantation is the regeneration of used chiral stationary phase (CSP). The CSP to be decanted is gently mixed in a container with a compatible solvent to form a suspension. The suspension is allowed to rest for a period of time, after which the supernatant is carefully poured off. The supernatant contains the undesirable constituents of the former suspension, while the leftover sediment in the container is clean, reusable CSP. Decantation should be done directly after sedimentation. This process is also used in erected pure iron from iron ore.

Decanted oil

decanted oil


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