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The Proviron is added simply to make this cycle more effective, as you can see I also find favour by adding Proviron to all my cycles. I have included Anavar for the last 6 weeks of the cycle, the first week to finding stable hormone level of the drug, and then to ride out the longer esters. You can expect some nice strength gains while on this cycle, and lean mass, your diet is also very important if you are eager to make clean gains with very little water retention, and without storing much fat. For PCT as much as it’s not a very suppressive stack (when including any one of these compounds), it is however due to the length and nature of this cycle. As you can see hCG was introduced during the middle of this cycle to prevent complete shutdown. I have also discontinued the Testosterone a week earlier than the Primobolan to help a smooth transition into PCT. For our PCT I would advise our option 2 approach starting 2 days after your last dose of Anavar and Proviron.

This intermediate Parabolan cycle is easily classified as a pre-contest or cutting cycle where either fat loss or lean mass gain (with as little fat or water gain/retention as possible) is desired. Once again, similar acting compounds in terms of half-life are used together. Testosterone Enanthate is relegated to a support position of TRT once again. Primobolan, a favourite among competitive bodybuilders (especially for pre-contest) is used and the benefits garnered from a high dose would assist in achieving the hard and dense look of the physique, especially when Parabolan is used. The use of Winstrol (oral format) is not only for the purpose of somewhat of a kickstart, but also to assist the user in achieving a dry, ripped, and hard look to the physique.

da kann man aber doch auch später noch sich drüber gedanken machen als wenn er garkeine empfindlichkeit bei progesteron/prolactin zeigt, kann er ja auch erst mal ein paar kuren nur mit deca und niedrig dosierten testo auskommen, aber im endeffekt wenn du irgendwann stacken musst kommen ja höchstens noch die zwei oralen sachen in betracht (und die sind ja auch nicht so das gelbe vom ei)
die wirklich potenten sachen wie tren winstrol testo bolde drosta dbol, naja eig alles außer deca kannste dann knicken, da wirst du dann wohl um fina und höhere dosierung nicht mehr rumkommen

Boldenon kur

boldenon kur


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