Bcaa testosterone

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I take my protein right before I touch the barbell. 30 g of MFL isolate, Half hour prior I take 1g of Agmatine, g of beta alanine, 3g of betain anhydrous TMG, 6G citrulline, 5g of glutamine. Plus I take a pre- workout
with some if not all those ingredients in it. I take all of these ingredients post with the exception of the protein and beta alanine. Instead I take a BCAA.
Little over a year ago I was measuring 17″ biceps, I now have 19″ biceps. Its not an actual study but it is tried and true by myself.
What prompted this was as i was reading through supplements online and the way to use them, it just didn’t make sense to me. Especially the whole take protein after, so decided to go against the grain. Can we say success, I nailed it. Not to brag but but i have put on serious size since doing this. I would love to know your thoughts on this…

Bcaa testosterone

bcaa testosterone


bcaa testosteronebcaa testosteronebcaa testosteronebcaa testosteronebcaa testosterone