Aquasana eq-300 installation

If you’re looking for a good water filtration solution for your home, then this is one of the best money can buy. It’s is a popular choice and filters very effectively in the homes it is installed in. This is just the system you need to get clean, odor-free, healthy and good-tasting water without any salt, electricity or back-flushing. There is no need to change the system for several years in a row making it a good product to buy for your home. We hope you enjoyed our aquasana review and wish you luck in your quest for soft water!

There are various hard minerals in your tap water and the main culprits that produce hard water are magnesium and calcium. When these two come together, they form hard crystals which will stick to anything they come into contact with, and that’s why you get lime-scale.
SLOW PHOS technology works by altering the ionic charge of these troublesome minerals, which means they won’t be able to stick together and create lime-scale. This results in soft water that’s nice to drink as well as protecting your appliances. It also means that you still get the benefits of the minerals mentioned, which in small doses are good for you.

to standard 42. The Rhino whole house water filtration system has undergone 3 years of rigorous testing and is NSF certified to remove 97% of the chlorine from a minimum of 600,000 or 1,000,000 gallons of water, depending on which system you buy. Why is this important? Without this certification unproven claims can be made about the performance of a water filter system.  Beware of filters that have only NSF “certified components”. This proves nothing about the design and performance of the entire system. Aquasana Rhino whole house filter systems have been NSF tested and certified as a complete system.

Aquasana eq-300 installation

aquasana eq-300 installation


aquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installationaquasana eq-300 installation